I Rinaldi da Portorico /1/ Rinaldi from Puerto Rico




Nome / Name : CARLOS Occupazione / Employment:

PhD student in Chemical Engineering at MIT 

/ Studente in Ingegneria Chimica al MIT

Citta' / City:

Boston Compleanno / Birthday: September 1 / 1 Settembre 

Paese / Country:

USA Home Page :



Anno di  Nascita / Year of Birth:

1975 Posta Elettronica / E-Mail Address:


Other Info / Altre Informazioni :


I am originally from the island paradise of Puerto Rico, currently one of the United State's territories.  I love to travel and have been to France, Spain, Germany and of course Italy.  I love to make friends in countries I will visit so if you think I will like visiting your country drop me a line (also, I like to host or guide people when they visit Puerto Rico).

Hobbies & Interests: SCUBA Diving, dancing



Nome / Name : JAVIER Occupazione / Employment:


Citta' / City:

Bayamon/Newport Compleanno / Birthday: April 11 / 11 Aprile 

Paese / Country:

Puert Rico/USA Home Page :


Anno di  Nascita / Year of Birth:

1978 Posta Elettronica / E-Mail Address:


Generic Man

Other Info / Altre Informazioni :


Hobbies & Interests: Photography, SCUBA